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" Every time I go to Chicago, typically once a year, I stop in at Al's. They serve, what I belief to be, the best Chicago style pizza. It really gives you that hometown feel when you step in and the staff is very friendly. I always take some home! Highly recommend to all of my friends as well."

- Amar Kahlon -

" Called for delivery the person who took my order was really nice and answered all my questions with useful answers. She also indicated that their food was really good without sounding insincere. Delivery took an hour but I was told this would be the delivery time so take that into consideration. The pizza was really good and not too expensive given the quality. Was still warm when delivered even tho its really cold and windy today. I would order from here again. "

- Jason Ware -

" I wasn't sure what to expect when I first stopped, but I was sure since I was in the Chicago area that I could get good pizza. The selection of food was unexpected, as where I'm from small pizza places do pizza and breadsticks and that's about it. I was surprised to see a wide variety of pastas and sandwiches as well. Everything that was ordered in my party looked fresh and hand-prepared, the portions were more than expected, and everything tasted fantastic. The service was personal and friendly as well. I'll be looking for this place again next time I make my way to Rosemont. "

- Jerry McCoy -

" I love the food here. Starting with the pizza which is the best thin and crispy pizza you will find anywhere. The sauce is awesome and the toppings are good quality and they don't skimp. The rest of the menu is much better than your average pizza joint. Again, good quality ingredients prepared nicely. I always order something different with the pizza and so far we have loved everything. I also appreciate how clean the place is and the service I get there. They are always ready for us and super friendly. The owner is such a nice guy and always puts a smile on our faces. One of my favorite places to go or have delivered. "

- Jim B. -

" Great fresh pizza that tastes like little Italy. I would absolutely recommend this gem to anyone who loves authentic Italian pizza.

They also have other menu options and everything is very fresh! "

- Emilia M. -

" I would do 10 stars for this place if i could! By far the best thin crust pizza around. They should have a warning sign outside letting people know that their pizza is highly addicting. My husband and I order from them every Sunday night. I could eat this pizza everyday. LOVE. "

- Erin T. -

" This is my favorite thin crust pizza. The sausage is incredible and every year I've gotten the ribs they've been fall off the bone tender. Every time we go we order more than we need so we can have leftovers. Pro tip, dip the fries that come with the ribs in the BBQ sauce. "

- Steven C. -

" Yes yes yes. We thoroughly enjoyed eating here. Thinnest crust pizza I've had in years. Lots of real cheese and fresh toppings. We were taking a shot in the dark via a YELP recommendation (out of towners) and we did well. "

- Lynne D. -

" Was recently in rosemont il. For the motorcycle show. I decided to order pizza and a sandwich.  Al's pizza has the best thin crust pizza and a great Italian beef sandwich.  I would recomend this place to anyone in the

area . "

- Bob P. -

" I found this little gem while getting gas next door. Wow me and my family loved the atmosphere and the ladies up front were very nice,and professional,.We ordered thin crust sausage&pepperoni&green pepper it was cooked good i would recommend this place to anyone .keep up the great work guys will be back and will let others know. "

- Michael R. -

" Very good food! I've ordered different things from the menu before and each time, the food was really good! After ordering two days in a row, I had to post a review. Today's meal (calamari and cannoli) arrived hot, earlier than expected, and my goodness, the cannoli is excellent! I would right more but I'm stuffing my face at the moment. I've found a new lovah! (sorry, hubby) "

- Tasha B. -

" We ordered food from Als' to feed our whole party (130 people) and everyone loved it.  Pasta, and Chicken cooked to perfection and priced reasonably.  We were running late and they called to remind us that everything was ready, and helped us load the car. We will definitely use them again.  THANKS AL! "

- NinetyNine P. -

" Stopped here on a whim  with no clue what to expect; color me impressed. Ordered a thin crust pizza with spinach and ricotta and, man, was it good. I love thin crust so I was surprised that theirs is a tasty, browned cracker-thin crust. Not at all heavy on the sauce and the dusting of oregano really bumped up the flavor a notch. A big plus was that the cheese wasn't anywhere nearly as greasy like some pizzas I've had--no need to reach for the napkins after every bite--nor was it rubbery. And they sure don't skimp on the toppings either. For me this was a perfect pizza and I'll definitely be keeping them in mind when I want a classier pizza than the chain stuff. "

- D.C. -

" Wonderful pizza.  Lots of cheese, good sauce.  Perfect thin but chewy crust.  It is exactly what I wanted and expected.  In a strip mall with a few tables.  Probably best for take out and delilvery. "

- Ben N. -

" Pizza was awesome. Thin and tasty. Delvery was fast and professional. Great first experience. "

- Matthew S. -

" AWESOME pizza, My husband and I met Al at Roma's in the city. We didn't know about Al's and learned that we are about 15 min's from them (if we get stopped by a train it can be 20 to 50 min's LOL) so we checked it out. Like I said awesome pizza, it only has a few tables but nice, stay there or take home. From the people taking the orders to the delivery guys, all around GOOD FRIENDLY people. "

- Laura L. -


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